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What Does a NACE Inspection Inspector Do?

NACE International, a global coatings inspection organization, offers training and certification to coating inspectors, click here. Its standards and qualifications ensure the highest quality control for coating projects. There are three levels of certification: Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. Level 2 certification requires exceptional knowledge of coatings and related topics. Level 3 certification requires peer review.

NACE inspection inspectors inspect coatings and other structures. Their work includes pipelines, water tanks, refineries, and military installations. They also inspect shipyards, marine structures, and underground structures. Underground structures are more difficult to inspect and can take longer to identify and correct if problems occur. In addition, the inspection process may take longer and may be more costly. Therefore, NACE inspectors are sought after by businesses and government agencies.

Level 2 certification requires extensive knowledge of coatings and other coating processes, and focuses on monitoring the integrity of coating processes. Level 3 inspectors supervise Level 1 and 2 inspectors, and ensure that the integrity of NACE inspection is maintained. NACE inspectors play a key role in safeguarding the town’s water. A Cunningham team of inspectors holds core competency certifications in Levels 1 and 2. Our team can help protect your water assets.

The salary of a NACE Coating Inspector varies widely from state to state. The most lucrative state for this job is Alaska, with a salary of $64,744 per year. Other top paying states include California and the District of Columbia. However, be aware that the cost of living in your state will affect your salary.

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