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Smart Bathroom Technology for Your Bathroom Business

In business, the condition of a restroom can leave a lasting impression on customers. It’s a small detail that can have a big impact.

Bathrooms business don’t have to be utilitarian and plain. Adding stylish touches is one way to make restrooms stand out.

Smart Bathrooms

The global smart bathroom market is growing at a fast pace. It is driven by a rise in demand for washroom solutions with advanced features to maintain hygiene, conserve water and electricity, and increase home safety. A rapid rise in urbanization is also driving the market.

Another reason for the increasing adoption of smart products in the bathroom is a greater focus on environmental sustainability. For instance, smart toilets can collect usage data and identify unforeseeable issues such as leaks or freezing pipes. Similarly, a touchless faucet can be programmed to shut off when it is not being used.

Other examples of sustainability-focused smart products include lighting that can be controlled remotely to save energy, or systems that monitor water consumption and prevent scalding. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has hindered the growth of the smart bathroom business by causing construction delays and halting production and manufacturing. However, the global market is expected to recover soon. This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the current and emerging market trends for the global smart bathroom industry. It includes a competitive landscape of the key players.

Smart Toilets

Having a smart toilet might sound like a silly luxury, but these gadgets can save facilities time and money. They also help maintain hygiene and conserve energy.

For example, many of these products offer ambient colored lighting and wireless music sync capability. Others offer a heated seat and a remote control that allows users to set their preferred wash settings. Some even include a nightlight and automatic lid opener.

Other features that can improve a restroom experience include a motion-activated air dryer, UV sanitizing light, and a cooled cabinet for keeping medicines and refreshments at the right temperature. Some even monitor usage and send data to the building’s network so maintenance can keep up with demand.

While smart toilets can be pricey — with some costing several thousand dollars — they’re worth the investment for many people with specific needs. For instance, they’re often touch-free and self-cleaning, making them easier to use for disabled or elderly individuals. Some can even detect health conditions and transmit symptom information to caregivers.

Smart Faucets

A smart faucet brings the same convenience and connectivity of other smart home technology to your kitchen and bathroom. Depending on the model you choose, this could include everything from touchless operation to voice commands to app integration and custom presets.

Some models have auditory feedback that activates if the faucet detects a problem, such as a dead battery or a broken sensor. This lets you know it’s time to call a plumber.

Other smart features can reduce your water waste and help protect against scalding hot water. You can even set the faucet to dispense lukewarm water for handwashing — an important step in protecting your family from germs.

Smart Showers

Taking convenience and efficiency to a new level, smart showers feature built-in WiFi that allows you to control your bathroom experience with your voice, or by using the app on your smartphone. This technology can save you money on energy bills, as well as reduce your water usage.

The U by Moen smart shower features a thermostatic valve that keeps the water temperature stable, so you don’t have to worry about sudden changes. And it also eliminates water waste by stopping the flow of water after a preset time has passed.

For those that want to get up and out of the house quickly, this feature will help you stay on schedule with your daily routine. You can even program it to alert you when your shower is over, so you’re sure not to run out of hot water. You can also connect the U by Moen to your music player to enjoy your favorite tunes while you’re getting ready.

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