Roofing Oakville homes seems to be a lucrative business. There are literally dozens of companies in Oakville that do roofing. It is easy to see why. It’s not every day that we step out of the house to look at the roof. Why would we, anyway?

It is important to inspect your roof carefully once every six months or so. You want to know when there is wear and tear and if the sun will be shining in your house any time soon.

You will want to start in the attic; that cold, dark creepy room in your house. The smallest signs here could be signs of damage—or impending damage. Look for sagging, water damage and trails, dark spots and sunlight light coming in.

As for the exterior, start with the gutters and drains. Those need to be fastened so they prevent water from leaking.

Go to your rooftop and check for damaged or missing shingles. If there is a high amount of dust-like shingle granules in the gutters, you should probably call a roofing company to take a look at it. This is not a good sign.

You need to check for wear around penetrations such as vents and the chimney. You know it’s a bad sign if material here is loose. Keep looking to see if you will find mold, moss, fungus or rotting material.

Different material wears differently. You need to know exactly what your roof is made of, be it tiles, concrete, wood or cedar.

Replacing your roof depends on how much damage there is to it. A roof under 20 years old with a little damage does not need replacing. It just needs repairs. However, if your roof is so damaged that it needs replacement, fret not. Oakville has a ton of roofing contractors. Contact multiple companies, explain your situation and hear what each one says.

A roof is way too important to neglect. It is essentially the whole point of a home. If you need some work done on your roof, big or small, Oakville will not let you down. Just flip through your Yellow Pages and get the work done.