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Charlotte commercial roofers, where expertise matters

For commercial roofing in Chicago, expertise makes a big difference. Who installs your roofing is as important as the products you install. Your business needs to look good year-round and give the professional image that you deserve.  With Chicago weather taking a toll on your building year round it is hard to keep it looking good.

If you’re struggling with your commercial roofing system in Charlotte and our solutions can help you solve your roofing problems.

We have experience in all types of commercial and industrial roofing projects including shingle and flat style roofs. We offer full services in the area of maintenance, construction of commercial roofs and total replacement. For more details check our Charlotte Commercial Roofer Services.

Our Charlotte Commercial Roofing Services

People notice buildings in Charlotte due to the famous architecture that exists here. Could your building get more positive attention and attract more interest? Our Charlotte Commercial Roofing Services can help make your building stand out among the best in the area. What could more high visibility mean for your building?

The commercial roofing systems problems we solve:

Repairs and on-going maintenance –

Nowadays there is not a roof that is free of some type of maintenance that is required and they don’t get any better as they get older. Nothing is more important to your business than a solid roofing system that performs without failure.

You’ll save money with our on-going roof maintenance program which will extend the life of your roof and making sure you’re compliant with your manufacturer’s warranty recommendations and requirements.

Leak Repair Service

We help assess any leak that might arise during the warranty period. We will assist you if you have to document any claim for insurance purposes. In addition, we will work with the manufacturers of your roof products to assist with repair and on-going maintenance of your warranted roof.

Complete Roof Replacement

Our technical specialists will help you choose the proper roof specification for any building. Our skilled professionals are able to perform the type of installations that are of the highest quality and workmanship.

Weather Assessment

As you know, roofs in Chicago can take a beating. Damage due to weather is not uncommon. After a storm, we will be there to help you get back to normal ASAP.

Snow Removal

Making sure your roof is properly cared for in the Winter months ensures no long term damage to your commercial roofing system.

Warranty Support from Manufacturers

We work with our customers to assure their compliance with the requirements of their manufacturer’s warranties.

Other types of projects

We will help you with any other types of projects involving your commercial roofing. We can help your survey your existing roofing system and assess it’s a condition, including leak locations and sources. We will provide photos and detailed drawings of maps and recommended a course of actions. Performing these type of surveys allows us to help keep you on track and ensures a trouble-free roofing system.

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